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What happens to my data after it's uploaded?
What happens to my data after it's uploaded?

More information about privacy.

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At Quizgecko, we value your privacy and take steps to ensure your data remains safe.

We strongly advise against uploading any private, or personal data. This includes, but is not limited to files and text containing emails, names or any other personal information.

Storing your files safely

After extracting the text, we store your files securely using Cloudflare R2. Nobody but you and select developers can access these.

If you are a paying customer, we'll keep the file for the duration of your subscription to speed up generating from the same file.

If you cancel your subscription and become a free user, or never pay to begin with, we delete the file and all associated text after one week.


In addition to storing your files securely, we'll store associated logs for a period of around 1 month, before they are archived. AI prompts and generated responses are also logged, and these will contain some information from your files.

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