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Writing and displaying math notation
Writing and displaying math notation

How to get mathematical notation to display in your quizzes

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Quizgecko has the ability to display mathematical notation, which is incredibly helpful when creating quizzes that involve mathematical expressions or problems.

When the AI encounters mathematical content during the quiz generation process, it converts these mathematical expressions into LaTeX, a widely used typesetting system that's especially good at handling complex mathematical symbols.

After the conversion, the LaTeX representations are then accurately rendered into visually appealing and comprehensible mathematical equations. This allows users to interact with and solve mathematical problems directly within the quizzes.

Here is an example question:

Manually writing math

To write math in Quizgecko, you need to write in LaTeX format, specifically KaTeX as outlined here:

Ensure all formula is wrapped in dollar signs, e.g.

$Z = \frac{X - \sigma}{\mu}$

Most of the time, these dollar signs will be automatically added to the math, sometimes though they are omitted by the AI. In these cases, you can edit the question and add them yourself. They will then be displayed in both the edit and published quiz mode.

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