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Reducing mistakes and improving AI results
Reducing mistakes and improving AI results

How to get the AI to write good questions

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We understand that sometimes it can be frustrating when the generated questions are not accurate or relevant to your content. In this article, we will discuss the importance of entering a good amount of text and how it can help reduce mistakes.


  • Enter 1000+ characters

  • Prefer using the "Auto" mode, or ensure you've entered a lot more text

  • If you don't have much text, try the Topic search mode

When using our question generator, it is crucial to provide enough text for the AI to work with. This allows the AI to analyze and understand the context of your content, resulting in more accurate and relevant questions. If you only enter a small amount of text, the AI is more likely to make things up.

If you don't have much text to work with, you can use our Topic mode. This will then search the web first for relevant, public sources, to back up the questions. We've found this can help reduce hallucinations somewhat.

We recommend adding at least 1000 characters and leaving the limit on "Auto". This will give the AI more content to work with and should generate around 5 questions.

However, you can always set the limit higher if you have a longer piece of content. Just keep in mind that trying to "force" the AI to generate more questions from limited content can often result in more mistakes.

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