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Making Quizzes, Assignments and Flashcards
Making Quizzes, Assignments and Flashcards

Get started making quizzes in no time with this helpful guide

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How do I make a quiz?

Quizgecko offers a range of options to generate questions in just seconds. Alternatively, you can add individual questions manually.

How do I make flashcards?

Flashcards are another way to view and study your questions. After creating questions using any of the methods described below, you can simply select to play the quiz or study as flashcards.

How do I make Assignments?

If you are on an Educator or Business plan, you'll have access to assignments here. First follow the steps below to create a set of quiz questions and then you can assign them to students and view the results here:

A. Questions from Text

To create questions from any text:

1. Paste the text in the input box under the "Create Quiz > Text" tab.

2. Quizgecko will intelligently generate a set of questions based on your input.

3. Review and select the questions you want to include in your quiz.

B. Using URLs to Generate Questions

With Quizgecko, you can use web content or YouTube videos to generate questions.

1. Creating Quizzes from Webpages:

Enter the URL of the webpage in the "Create Quiz > URL" input box, and Quizgecko will generate questions based on the webpage content.

2. Creating Quizzes from YouTube Transcripts:

Input the URL of a YouTube video in the "Create Quiz > URL" input box. Quizgecko will then generate questions from the video's transcript.

C. Generating Questions from File Uploads

Quizgecko supports a range of text-based files including, PDFs, Word, and Google Doc files for question generation.

1. Click on "Uploads" in the "Create Quiz" section.

2. Select the file from your device.

3. If the file is long, Quizgecko will ask you which topics you want to focus on.

4. Quizgecko will then generate questions based on the uploaded file's content.

5. You can repeat the process with the same file, changing the topics, to increase the number of questions.

(Note: This feature is available on premium plans)

You can upload files up to 50mb in size.

Up to 100,000 characters are supported by the file upload and you can generate up to 40 questions per time. If you want to generate more, you can simply re-upload the file again and specify different topics to focus on. A quiz may have up to 500 questions.

D. Manual Input of Questions

You also have the option to manually input questions:

1. Click on "Manual" in the Quiz Editor (

2. Type in your question and answer options.

3. Set the correct answer and save your question.

III. Editing and Adding More Questions to a Quiz

After you have generated your quiz, you can easily add, edit or delete questions.

A. Editing Questions

1. In the Quiz Editor, click on the question you want to edit.

2. Modify the question text or answer options as desired.

3. Click on "Save" to confirm changes.

B. Adding More Questions

1. Locate the existing quiz in the library and click "Edit"

2. Follow the same process as creating a new question (as outlined above).

3. New questions will automatically be added or generated for the quiz.

IV. Navigating Quiz Settings: Changing Behavior and Display

Quiz settings allow you to customize your quiz's behavior and appearance. For example, you can skip the flashcards, require an email address and add a summary (teacher and business plans only)

A. Customizing Quiz Display

Adding a cover image to a document is simple and can add a professional touch to any document. With a few simple steps, you can quickly add a cover image to any document.

You also have the option to customize the document even further. For example, you can hide any of the following elements in your document:

  • Hide flashcards

  • Hide summary notes

  • Hide question preview

  • Hide description

B. Changing Quiz Behavior

In the "Quiz Settings" section, you can modify settings like question order, whether to redirect directly to the quiz, skipping the overview, or preventing restart.

V. Sharing & Embedding Quizzes

A. Sharing Your Quiz

1. Once your quiz is ready, click on "Share". From there, you can copy the public share link.

2. You can share the quiz link via email, social media, or direct link.

By default, the quiz is shareable with just the link, but you can change these settings and just invite specific people:

B. Embedding Your Quiz

1. Click on "Embed" in the Share options.

2. Copy the given code and paste it in your website's HTML editor where you want the quiz to appear.

VI. Advanced Features

A. Utilizing Quizgecko’s API

With Quizgecko's API, you can seamlessly integrate Quizgecko into your own app or website. For more detailed information on API integration, please refer to our API documentation.

B. AI-Powered Marking and Feedback

Quizgecko uses AI to mark your short answer questions, providing feedback and learning tips for further improvement.

VII. Conclusion

You're all set to create,

edit, share, and manage quizzes using Quizgecko! With its user-friendly interface and feature-rich platform, Quizgecko makes quiz creation a breeze. Start exploring now!

VIII. Further Resources

For more detailed guides and tutorials, visit our Help Center. If you need further assistance, feel free to reach out to our Customer Support.

Happy Quizzing!

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